The Graduate Program in Engineering and Materials Science (PPG-EMS) is an inter-unit program formed from the nucleation of human resources and infrastructure on the UNIFESP campi in São José dos Campos and Diadema citys. Since its foundation in 2012, the PPG-EMS offers masters and doctoral graduate courses and post-doctoral positions. 


How does it work?

The student can apply to one of the following courses: 

Master Degree

The ideal duration to conclude MSc degree is 24 months. Students in the MSc degree must complete at least 16 credit units (CUs) in classes until 12 months. Proficiency in English language is required until 12 months. Between 9 and 15 months, a qualifying exam must be done by the MSc student. Progress reports are required each semester. MSc degree is concluded with a public discussion of the thesis.


Doctorate Degree

The ideal duration to conclude PhD degree is 48 months. Students in the PhD degree must complete at least 20 credit units (CUs) in classes until 18 months. Proficiency in English language is required until 12 month. A qualifying exam must be done by the PhD student between 12 and 30 months. Progress reports are required each semester. PhD degree is concluded with a public discussion of the thesis.



The Post-doctorate at UNIFESP is a research program carried out by holders of a doctoral degree. In the Materials area, the post-doctorate is linked to the PPG-EMS and the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research at UNIFESP and aims to encourage the participation of PhD researchers in important research projects. The application for post-doctorate can be done at any time or in specific Admission Process that offers Scholarships and occurs sporadically. In both case a supervisor is requeried.


Special Student

Students can attend isolated subjects offered all semesters by PPG-EMS. In this case, the student can require a certificate of the subject attended. 


More details about Curriculum Framework can be found in the Subjects and Timetable (click here)


How to apply?

An undergraduate degree in areas related to Materials Science is requiried as prerequisite to Master and Doctorate Degrees application. There are two kinds of Admission Process, the Tradictional Admission Process and the Extraordinary Admission Process.  The Tradictional Admission Process is open twice a year, and the Extraordinary Admission Process accept submissions at any time.  The  registration in both Admission Processes is done via online. It is desirable that the candidate has a supervisor when applying. Proficiency in English language is not necessary for admission, it will be required after the student adimission  (until 12 months). However, project and/or exams must be done in Portuguese or English for the application.

Scholarships can be offered for the best masters, doctorate and post-doctorate applicants according to roles of admission exames.


More details about the Admission Processes for Master and Doctorate Degrees, Post-doctoral positions and Special Students can be found in the Admission Process (click here).  


Research Topics

The research topics in the PPG-EMS can be found in "Research Topics" menu (click here). The research area of supervisors and their curriculum link are in Faculty Staff (click here).

Check the contents and feel free to contact the supervisors. The Master, PhD and post-doctorate candidates have to contact the supervisor to obtain an acceptance letter for application. 





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